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UTSA Career Builder Badges

This summer UTSA is offering its Career Builder Badges to the public, completely free of charge.

The badge program, which is typically reserved for students pursuing a UTSA graduate degree, provides competency-based professional skills that are transferable across a variety of careers.

Earning digital badges is simple with self-administered, free sessions that last about an hour with follow-up activities.

  • Classes are 100% online, flexible and self-paced
  • Upon completion of each course, participants will receive a digital badge branded with UTSA’s insignia to apply to their LinkedIn profile, resume or portfolio
  • Students can take an unlimited number of classes from June-August, earning just one badge or up to all 12

1 hour Sessions

Completely free

Badge upon completion

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Job Seeker Series

Developing Your Personal Brand
Developing Your Personal Brand
Creating A Standout Resume
Creating a Standout Resume
Writing Catchy Cover Letters
Writing Catchy Cover Letters
Preparing For Job Interviews
Preparing for Job Interviews
Crafting Your Personal Elevator Pitch
Crafting Your Personal Elevator Pitch
Building Your Online Network
Building Your Online Network
UTSA Career Builder Badges - Job Seeker Series

Complete all six in this series and earn the Job Seeker Series badge.

Leadership Series

Discovering Your Strengths
Discovering Your Strengths
Leadership 101
Mentoring 101
Delegation 101
Negotiation 101
Conflict Management 101
UTSA Career Builder Badges - Leadership Series

Complete all six in this series and earn the Leadership Series badge.

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